Kensei: Miniature Battle Game

It is the age of the samurai – a period when honor, duty and war are part of everyday life.

Kensei is a miniatures battle game inspired by the feudal japan period in which you take on the role of a commander of one of the great clans or of any of the the empires that threaten to change the world.

Zenit Miniatures

Kensei is a world and a game created by Antonio Mendoza Salado and Joan Rotger Bibiloni based on Zenit Miniatures‘ license and developed using Zenit’s miniatures range. You can use any miniature that fits your needs, but we strongly recommend to check the beautiful and specifically designed for this game Zenit’s miniature catalog.

Buke Hero
Sohei Hero
Kuroi-Te Hero
Hattori Hero
Kuge Hero
Kuge Taisho
Otokodate Hero
Hell Creature
Heavenly Creature

How to Play

A game of Kensei comprises two armies of around 30-50 miniatures which battle in a table prepared and decorated with scenery.

For your first game, you will need to learn the basic rules. You can either visit and read the Kensei’s living rules website or download Kensei’s The Awakening edition pdf. The living rules versión is constantly updated and it is definitely the latest versión of Kensei at any time.

When you are familiar with basic rules, you can build your first army using our online army constructor where you can find all army lists, troop’s skills, special rules, etc. and build very quickly an army ready for battle.

Visit the Downloads page in order to get and print some of the game components (cards, markers) and helpers you may need.

Gameplay introduction videos

English version
Versión en español