The Ashes of the Empire

Five years have passed since the war of The End of the Days that resulted in Kogen’s defeat. Hymukai is still recovering from that devastating time. The Imperial palace has had to be completely rebuilt after the final battle to accommodate the new form of government and the permanent presence of representatives from all the clans.

The new leader of Hymukai, the Shogun, governs the Dragon Islands along with his two advisors, the three of whom form a triad impossible to imagine a few years ago as each comes from a different clan.

After the great purge, Kuge has recognized the Hattori as an independent clan by providing them with land and ensuring their disassociation from the clan. Now Hattori operates independently for anyone willing to pay for their services as long as their cause seems “just” to them.

The great Sohei civil war has devastated the clan, the sects are more distant than ever, and the difficult decision of what to do with their fallen brothers further divides the Sohei. The survival of the clan hangs in the balance.

Otokodate enjoys its new position as a large Hymukai clan and takes under its wing the Namban, already established in the Dragon Islands with a large port ceded by the Otokodate, their presence has multiplied in recent years and they have begun to construct strange buildings which they call “Churches”.

Given the important role played by Wako in the final battle against Kogen, the Shogun has ceded the island of Shonagai to them as their own recognized territory, and their ships are in charge of the maritime routes of Hymukai, leaving the Otokodate the exclusivity of the land routes and signing with them a pact of non-aggression. No one believes it will last long…

Even with the defeat of Kogen, the great gap created in Kaidan has not been closed, to this day the provinces of Îdo and Murasame are cursed lands full of corruption where the Kuroi-te are ringing at will waiting for someone to take the power of this demonic army.

With the empire in ruins and by order of the Shogun, Buke has risen as the protector of the islands and the remains of his army are in charge of ensuring the safety of the inhabitants of Hymukai. The other clans do not like this situation, but they obey the Shogun’s command.

Kogen’s awakening attracted the eyes of the greatest empire that has ever set foot in these lands. The Katai empire arrived months after Kogen’s defeat and found itself a kingdom in ruins. Even with Kogen defeated, they did not want to march until they were sure that evil was completely eradicated. Under this pretext they built a huge sea fortress on the coast of Kanagawa province and took control of it by expelling all the families living there.

The Shogun whose priority is the reconstruction of Hymukai can do little right now against the great empire of Katai, and has sent several diplomats to sign a peace treaty. He knows that he is only buying time, for at some point the clans of the Dragon Islands will have to face the immortal army of Katai…