Game FAQ

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Does the ability “fast” also add +1D6 when the troop runs?

Yes. That ability adds +1D6 to any movement: move, run, charge, flee, etc.

What happen to the wound denied by the komuso’s ability “exorcism”? Does it become in a stunned marker or it is definitely removed?

It is definitely removed. Literally remove one successful die from the creature’s Damage Roll.

Reflex ability allows to the troop with this ability to get 0 wounds?

The wounded troop should receive at least 1 wound. The ability description has been changed in the army. Now it indicates to round up instead of round down.

Battle scenarios

Wagons move too fast in the battle scenario “supply lines” and the defender can easily win the scenario.

Movement modification: Instead of moving 20 cm + 3D6 cm wagons must move 15 cm + 3D6 cm. The wagons must be placed like this: one touching the table edge, next separated 30 cm of that edge and the last one separated 60 cm from that edge.

Command cards

If I use a command card to add its value to a die and the enemy makes me repeat that die, what happen? Does my command card still affect to the repeated roll?

Yes. You must re-roll, but the command card’s value is still added to the new roll. Commander abilities

A Kuroi-te unit deployed using the commander ability “From the depths”, can receive any order the turn when appears on the table?

That unit cannot receive action orders, only reaction orders. When that unit is deployed it is considered a used unit for the rest of the turn. A marker must be placed next to the unit in order to remember it.

A unit target by the otokodate commander ability “buy the enemy” can receive any order that turn?

No. that unit is considered a used unit and can only receive reaction orders, not action orders, until the next turn.


Does samurai cavalry wear a Samurai Armour by default?

No, it must be specified in its profile. Although they use the cavalry armour as any other cavalry.

Hand to hand combat

During a duel between two leaders, shall any unit combat modifier be applied to the leader in case any of them was a unit leader or the combat is considered completely independent from the untis?

Any modifier that affected to to unit must affects also to the unit leader that leaves his/her unit, except those related to formation (like number of completed ranks), abilities and weapons because both leaders use their own abilities and weapons during the duel.

Multiple Combat

Should any troop with a “unit used marker” activate if it is part of a multiple combat and that troop is not the direct target of the attack?

No, only the troop which is targeted by the attack (no matter if it has a used unit marker) and any troop in contact with it without a unit used marker must be activated.


A unit engaged in hand to hand combat receives two orders and only using the first one (attack) remove its enemy from the table. Can use the second order to move (for example) or that second order is lost?

That unit could move. The second is not lost and can be used to perform any other order which is not a combat order.

It is possible for a troop to receive 3 orders? Ie: a kensei actitates its ki and have the tactician ability.

Yes. That ability allows that. That troop needs to respect the limitation of 1 Combat Order per activation.

Ranged combat

One of my units is going to shoot against an enemy unit which is inside a forest. My unit only sees one target unit’s miniature (that miniature is within 1 cm from the forest’s border and the rest of the unit is farther). It is considered my unit is shooting against the whole unit or only the visible one? What if that visible miniature is the unit leader?

It is considered that your unit shoot against the full unit. Although, when removing casualties, you only can remove the visible enemy unit’s miniatures, so that shoot of your only will cause one casualty as maximum. Remember that the target unit is behind cover.

If the visible miniature is the unit leader you must follow the general rule. Only critics (6) obtained in the Damage Roll can be assigned to that miniature, any other roll does not affect.

Those troops with an abilities that allow them perform a short distance shoot (like creatures), should they add +1D6 to its Shoot Roll when shooting short ranged weapons?

No. They are using an ability, not a short ranged weapon.

When a unit is shooting but its miniatures are in different distance ranges from the target, what is the actual shooting range?

The actual shooting range is that one that the most of the shooting miniatures are using. Ie: A target is in short range of 3 miniatures of your archer unit and in long range from 2 of the same unit. All your shooters will fire using the short range. If there are the same miniatures in different ranges you always must use the further one.


¿How many Combat Roll dice uses a skirmish unit during an hand to hand combat?

General rule modification: Besides the common rule, the unit add +1D6 for any unit’s miniature in hand to hand combat as well as those miniatures that are within 2,5 cm from any enemy miniature that is in close combat (direct or support combat) with any miniature of the skirmish unit.

A skirmish unit that is not ready to receive an enemy charge will be very weak. These units must be ready or flee.


The last standing miniature (which is alone) it is considered out of formation?

No, but you must apply the rule “last man standing” due the miniature suffer a -1 penalty to all its attributes except the wound attribute.

If I create a 10 Ji-samurai unit, can I include 10 war dogs creating so a 20 miniatures unit?

No. Ji-samurai miniatures plus war dogs cannot exceed the 15 miniatures maximum limitation for units. So you can only include 7 Ji-samurai together. Adding their dogs the unit will be 14 miniatures size.

I have a Ji-samurai unit with two ranks, the first are dogs and the second the actual samurai, does this unit have two ranks when I calculate the Combat Roll dice?

Yes, these dogs count as a member of the unit. It supposed the dogs helps their owners to hit their enemies.


How damage is splitted when a War machine affects several units?

One Damage roll must be performed for every enemy affected, each one applying the modifiers that affect to that unit.

Can warmachines run?

No. Although it is not explicitly explained in the warmachine section, the wm mobile ability indicate that the warmachine’s crew cannot climb or use the run order when moving the warmachine.


When a unit equipped with type 2 weapons (naginata) use the weapon modifier? In case of the unit is in combat with 2 enemy units at same time or when it is fighting against 2 miniatures of any enemy unit?

Your unit can apply this modifier when any of your miniatures is in direct combat with 2 or more enemy miniatures from one or more enemy units. That may happen when your unit is attacked by multiple enemy troops or when your unit break the enemy formation and one of your miniatures step into the enemy formation making contact with several miniatures.