Battle Scenarios

Battle Scenarios List

1. Encounter and Annihilation
2 . Border war
3. Break the Front
4. Supply Lines
5. Village Defense
6. Strategic Control 

General Scenario Rules 

These are the general rules you must follow when playing a game. If a special rule in a scenario contradicts a general rule, use the special rule.

Battle duration

The maximum a game should last is 5 turns.


Each battle scenario describes the deployment areas and any special rules concerning deployment. You can use any game table as long as you can let a free space of 50 cm. between deployment areas as general rule.


Choose randomly one of the scenarios from the list. You can also create a battle scenario by making up a story, a type of deployment, etc.


Each scenario has a primary mission and a secondary mission. Both players share the main mission of the selected scenario. To learn their secondary mission each player makes a second random secret selection in the scenario table. The secondary mission of this scenario will be yours and it should not be revealed until the end of the game, at which point the battle’s results are determined.

Attacker and defender

Most scenarios require an attacking player and a defending player. The player who wins the strategy roll, before deployment, will choose a side of the table and which of the roles he will play.


Each scenario requires a minimum number of terrain pieces demanded by the mission as well as some generic scenery (hills, trees, houses…) to make the table look interesting and influence each commander’s strategy. Read the Preparing for Battle rule section to remember how the scenery elements must be placed on the tabletop.