Extra game modes


The raid mode represents an action of a group of warriors specialized in an advance or clandestine mission.

It uses the same rules as those described in Kensei’s common rules applying these modifications:

  • Each side’s army must cost 150 points.
  • All units are considered skirmishers units.
  • The units must be formed by 3 miniatures, apart from a unit leader (in total there would be 4).
  • A unit can be formed by different types of troops. Each time there is a combat in this type of units, it will be treated as a multiple combat, dividing the combat according to the unit profiles. Miniatures that fight alongside other miniatures in their profile will be more powerful thanks to their joint training.
  • All troops add 1 to their wound attribute.

Total War

The total war mode represents a wide scale battle. Normally this system will be used to play games starting from 800 army cost points, although you can also use it to play smaller games with faster moves and not play “miniature by miniature”.

Use all the rules described in Kensei by applying these modifications.

  • Movement bases: Use 12x6cm movement bases where you place the miniatures representing a Kensei unit. Each movement base behaves like a miniature in normal game mode and all its movements and behaviours should be as described for miniatures.
  • Unit size: The unit size is represented by the miniatures you include in the base. It is used to calculate the combat dice, injuries, casualties, etc. (if your collection allows it, you can use more miniatures in each movement stand):
    • 2 miniatures: Represents a unit of 5 miniatures.
    • 3-4 miniatures: Represents units of 10 miniatures.
    • 5 miniatures: Represents units of 15 miniatures.
  • Wound Counter: Uses markers to keep track of the wounds of each unit.
  • Leaders: Individual leaders and miniatures are placed on units when they are unit leaders or on 6x6cm perimeter bases when they are alone.
  • Support troops: Any unit’s troops must be presented and placed on the base (musicians, standard bearers, etc.).
  • Size of the front: Units are supposed to fight and fire with half of their remaining miniatures, rounding up, when attacking from the front or being attacked from the rear. When attacked by a flank they are supposed to fight with a quarter of their remaining miniatures, rounding up.
  • Army Formation: Each unit must be assigned to an army leader. Each leader must be assigned at least 1 unit and at most 3 units.
  • Army Deployment: Besides the common rules, each unit must be deployed within 2 inches of its assigned leader or another unit assigned to that leader. The leader may act as an individual miniature or as a unit leader.
  • Activations: At the time of activation, you must activate a leader and all units associated with him, all units being considered active and acting in the normal way (making an order roll for each one, etc.)
  • Lead Order: The lead order cannot be used.
  • Mêlée Movements: Ignore Mêlée Movements.
  • Out of formation: A unit is out of formation if it loses in a single attack a quarter of the miniatures it has left at the time of the attack. The unit must use a move command to regain formation. Place a marker to remember this.